Overview of johnvincent.io

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Overview of johnvincent.io

by John Vincent

Posted on October 3, 2019

johnvincent.io Lighthouse Scores

Live Deployment

johnvincent.io is deployed to a Digital Ocean Droplet.


This implementation is a port from johnvincent.io V1, which was built using Jekyll

The intention is to build the website in the Gatsby and React world. A more suitable design will follow shortly.


Deployment Overview

Building and Configuring a Droplet can be very complex.

This is the first part of series of documents describing how to create and configure a droplet hosting.

The following documents describe a series of tasks. They should be performed in the order shown.

  1. Create Ubuntu Droplet at Digital Ocean
  2. Digital Ocean - Install Nginx
  3. Configuring Domains at Google Domains
  4. Configure non-SSL Nginx at Digital Ocean
  5. SSL Certificates - Let’s Encrypt & Nginx
  6. Configure SSL Nginx at Digital Ocean
  7. Google Webmaster Tools
  8. Configure PM2
  9. Deploy johnvincent.io to Digital Ocean
  10. Backup johnvincent.io from Digital Ocean


johnvincent.io Portfolio

Website Validation

The following describe tasks required for the validation of johnvincent.io at Digital Ocean.

Website Validation Reference

johnvincent.io Website Validation


The following describe tasks required for the maintenance of johnvincent.io at Digital Ocean.

Update SSL Certificates to Ubuntu at Digital Ocean

Maintaining Droplets at Digital Ocean

Website Review

Review PM2

Markdown Spelling

Monthly Review Topics

Review the following to ensure continuing compliance.


Building and deploying MyTunes to johnvincent.io

Configuring Nginx to implement HTTP Basic Authentication

Building and deploying React GithubHelper App to johnvincent.io

johnvincent.io Blog



Production Deployment

Overview of React Lights OutGatsby Getting Started